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Monday, 19 November 2012

I will

I will write.
I will post
I will think about things and share them
I will buy a new duvet cover
I will put the hoover round
I will attempt to make head or tail of my to-do list
I will be a good friend
I will see my family
I will go to the gym
I will be informed on the news of the day
I will do so many things
But right now. I am going to work for another hour and then watch Homeland.
Because Damian Lewis is hot despite his incredibly small mouth and although I should find him unattractive (on the infalliable law of nature that two gingers should repel) I find him devastatingly alluring.
But words will follow

Monday, 5 November 2012

Bonfire Night

I love autumn. If I had a proper job then I'd book  some leave and spend it taking nice walks and sitting in front of an open fire (I'd have to burn the recycling in a bucket, I don't have a fireplace) and generally just enjoying the cold. However I don't have a proper job. If I take a week off I don't get paid and that takes the shine off somewhat. So instead I am trying to cram the beauty in. Mainly by walking a lot, this also helps 'Operation fat thighs'. And fat calves. Why, no matter how thin I am, do knee high boots refuse to do up?

But the culmination of Autumn is Bonfire Night. What's not to love? Standing outside watching lights in the sky. It's like the Northern Lights on a budget. I couldn't go to my favourite display this year as I was at a party (which was very good) so instead I went to a display last night. Which was very good. I particularly enjoyed the glittery gold ones and the display was incredibly impressive. The best part however was a small child next to me who I am pretty sure was faking his enjoyment.

As the first firework went off he started going 'Oh wow'. In a voice that came straight from a school play. "Oh wow. Purple". I started off finding it amusing but it gradually became pretty irritating. "Wow" "Wow" "Wow". In a high pitched monotone. It was as though he had dragged his parents along and was now trying to ensure they thought it was worth it. However right at the end he won me over with a cry of "Blows my mind!"

Now they were good, but my mind wasn't blown. Actually it was slightly blown by a sign on one of the rides that said 'This ride may not be suitable for all body dimensions". Which is certainly better than 'stand down fatty'.

I have decided that if ever I am a millionaire and have time on my hands then I am going to learn how to make fireworks. How you get them to do different things, the planning, how a tube of stuff can make different patterns in the sky. Blows my mind