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Monday, 10 October 2016

X Factor Results Show Week 1

Sunday night is results night. James Arthur will be performing  - a mere month ago this would have sounded like a sarcastic comment but he's now number 1. The judges come out and I admire how Nicole and Sharon like each other. Then I get angry with myself - I shouldn't have an opinion on this. They are women at work, it doesn't matter if they like each other or not. 
GROUP SONG. Singing Sax. A song that annoys me as it's about the love of Saxophone but the brass bit is played on trumpets. I think they turn Honey G's mic off for the singing. Finland is once again dressed as a panto villain. Clearly her look now. Matt takes the opportunity to do some squats and 5 am improvise their choreography. It's not where their giftings lie. 
There's a recap. I only watched the show an hour ago so I read the paper. 
James Arthur seems like a nice chap. He has very good skin. He also raises awareness for World Mental Health Day . Well done James. 
I'd forgotten how little content there is in the results show. 
In no particular order: Relley C, 5 after Midnight. Matt, Sam, Ryan, Emily, Honey G and Gifty are safe. 
My predictions are spot on so far. This would seem more impressive if I hadn't posted these at the same time after the results. Viewers now have to give a lifeline to the third act to save them. Results revealed after the break. Be still my beating heart. 
Lifeline goes to Freddie. This heralds the end of my boasting about my predictions. Please can Bravissimo go? 
Saara sings first. Dressed as a warrior on holiday she sings 'Alive' by Sia. It's very operatic. she can sing though. Bravissimo can't. Not that this means they are going. 
Louis promises that Bravissimo will sing their hearts out. Sharon: "Really?" 
I love Sharon sometimes. 
The blonde one of Bravissimo is in a mood. He clearly can't believe he's in this position. We haven't recognised his talent. They sing 'The Only Way is Up'. Blonde is clearly weighed down by his trainers. He has to do a weird crouchy walk. And when he sings 'Up' he can only get one leg an inch off the ground. When they are finished Dermot laughs. He tries to cover it and fails. 
Louis saves Bravissimo. This is because he's their mentor. This is also because he thought it was good. 
Sharon saves Finland. Despite thinking she's from Norway. 
Nicole saves Finland. 
Simon is going to send it to deadlock isn't he? 
But no he sees sense, says 'Nice try guys' and sends them home. 
Thank heavens for that. Quiff takes it well, they wisely don't let Blonde talk. He's livid. They'll be on Celebrity Big Brother in a year. Blonde finally speaks, he's happy people understood his vision. I'm not sure you're as complicated as you think love. 
Now to chose a theme for next week. They spin a wheel and it's 'Louis loves'. Wouldn't it be an amazing coincidence if 'Fright Night' was the same week as Hallo'ween. 

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